Incubator Shaker

1. Over temperature alarm
2. Ultraviolet sterilization
3. Automatic restart after power-off
4. Automatic power-off under abnormal conditions

Incubator Shaker


1. Bottom and middle units are integrated double-decker structure whichcan stack up to three units high.
2. Space-saving and high-capacity.
3. Triple-eccentric drive is stable and durable.
4. Audible and visible alarms alert the user and automatic power-off under abnormal conditions.
5. Automatic restart after power interrupt with non-volatile Memory keeps running smoothly.
6. Insulating and tempered glass door which is non-screw design provides good view of incubating state without opening.7. Stainless inner chamber with arc angle is easy to clean and protects bacteria breeding.
8. High quality and low noise imported CFC free compressors ensure refrigeration effect.
9. The EMC (Electromagnetic Interference) makes machine more accurate and stable.
10. The running will stop when the door is open. It is more safe.
11. With ultraviolet sterilization function. 

1. Seamless welding inner chamber, its bottom can be washed thoroughly.
2. LCD Touch Screen that making parameters setting and viewing easily. Such as:
  a. The setting temperature, speed, time and the real temperature, speed,
remaining time are shown simultaneously.
  b. Keyboard blocking prohibits miss operation.
  c. Setting rotation direction is positive or reverse.
  d. Setting circulation fan opens normally or automatically.
  e. Data memory function can check the history record within 3 months.
  f. The data easily transfer through the USB interface.
3. Servo-motor can control precisely speed.
4. Timing frost-removing function ensures to work for long time in low temperature
without freezeing. The timing range is 1~89min and the defrost interval is adjustable
from 30 to 600min.
5. Special vent can provide adequate oxygen for sample.
6. The plastic molding clamp is easy to put and take flasks.
7. Special lighting system (option) :the light intensity with high light efficiency
and energy saving is up to 16000LX. 1%-100% is adjustable(1%, 2% , 3%—100%).
(Multi-color light source can be upgraded ), long service life (if there are special requirements, it can be upgraded to threecolors of light, and the intensities of the three lights are adjustable.)


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